January 14-15, 2019

The Balboa Bay Resort
 • Orange County

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The Up & Coming Trends

Tired of the same old conference? We are too. We decided that for a conference to be worth your time, we needed to show you the latest trends and insights in the private money lending space that we’re seeing. We need to show you how you can raise and deploy capital more effectively. We need to show you what’s really going on in the owner-occupied space. But more importantly, we needed to provide you more value each and every time. Why Innovate 2019? The bigger question is – why not?

"The reason you want to come to Geracicon is everything is innovative. Everything from the whova app that they connect both participants and exhibitors.. to everything that is being done by Geraci. It has just been absolutely fantastic. If you are thinking about becoming a participant or an exhibitor at any Geraci conference, I would highly recommend it."

— Marc Koehler - Lead with Purpose



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