Mariska Crain

Director of Lending

Precision Capital


Precision Capital Presentation
Mariska Crain has been in Mortgage Lending since 1997 and she has worked in every type of mortgage from A-Paper to Subprime and Retail to Correspondent Lending. In 2013, after taking a 5 year break to stay home with her children, she returned to work with the owner of what used to be the conventional lender Precision Funding, only to find they had become the Private Money company Precision Capital. Always up for a challenge, Mariska signed on as a Servicing Specialist, one of 3 employees, and has enjoyed being part of the exponential growth that has given Precision Capital a pipeline of over $125M in loans, 3 Investment Funds, 15 employees and over $100M in Assets under management. Now the Director of Lending, Mariska enjoys that Private Money means constant change, creativity, puzzle solving and a lending landscape that is anything but vanilla. Originally from California, Mariska came to Oregon in 1991 for school and never left… enjoying its natural beauty and its amazing opportunities to fish, hike, and explore with her husband and 4 kids.
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