Geracicon Testimonials

See why private lending industry leaders attend Geraci conferences every year.
Jeff Tesch
RCN Capital
Carlos Nodarse
Applied Business Software, Inc.
Huy Do
Managing Partner,
PrideCo Capital
"I come to Geraci events because there are people here who could potentially change the game."
Romney Navarro
Founder, The Private Lender Network
"The networking was fantastic. We were able to make several connections that have already turned into business within one week of the event."
Mark Hegenbart
Co-Founder and Managing Partner,
DO Income Fund, LLC
Eric Ambramovich
Roc Capital
Jadon Newman
Noble Capital
Lisa Alberti
Vice President,
Western Alliance Bank
"As a small fund, the partners that we have gained through the Geraci events have made it possible for us to fund more than a third more loans by enabling us to free up more capital."
Bill Fairman
Partner, Carolina Hard Money
"Captivate was my first private money conference. The networking opportunities were incredible. In addition, the event was well organized. It was worth my time."
Steven Peterson
President, Ridgeview Funding
Dana Georgiou
Senior VP,
Rocky Butani
Founder & CEO,
Private Lender Link
Jan Brzeski and Gregory Hebner
Managing Directors,
Arixa Capital
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