I came out here because there are people here who could potentially change the game, and I want to get in front of those people so that we’re on the same wavelength. There are changes happening in the business, and I think Geraci is trying to stay ahead of everybody else there. I’m here all the way from Texas because they are doing big things, and I want to make sure I understand it so that we can complement it in the future. This wasn’t a business grab, this was a strategic play for me.

— Romney Navarro, Noble Capital

The Geraci conference has more value as a whole. What we see is not only that so many great private lenders come back to this event, but that we’re also able to continue to build on those relationships each time. We’re constantly seeing new private lenders who are recognizing the value of Geraci, who are coming into the conferences as well. That adds value to vendors such as Appraisal Nation, when we get to experience new opportunities.

— Mike Tedesco, Appraisal Nation

I have been able to connect with several developers that were looking for capital. I always get a client out of the conference whether it is a lender we can fund deals for or an actual investor that we can directly help. When I went to the Newport conference last year, it was a great, intimate conference. I was able to meet some local lenders that had offices within a few blocks of our offices. We had a business so close, yet it took going to your conference to build the relationship. Geraci is by far one of the best conferences for building relationships and creating memories that will grow many fruitful relationships.

— Triumph Capital

The networking at Geraci events has allowed us to benefit with new deals and education by being connected to folks in diverse geographical locations, it gives us a big picture view we ordinarily wouldn't have. As a smaller fund, the partners that we have gained through the Geraci events have made it possible for us to fund more than a third more loans by enabling us to free up capital. I learn something new every time and have an opportunity to work on what I've learned when I get home.

— Bill Fairman, Carolina Hard Money

As a startup, we are actively seeking out new lenders to sell us loans, the conferences have provided a wonderful environment to do so. Meeting new lenders at these conferences has led to new clients and more business. The Geraci team does a wonderful job of introducing the right players to their counterparts.

— Karey Geddes, Via Nova Capital Group

The "Geraci family,” Media group, Law group, Conferences and all the people at Geraci are extremely professional, capable, attentive to every person and every need and clearly strive to give each client and participant a personal customized attention to suit their needs.

— David Novoseller, Novello Financial

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