The Bedrock Fund

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The Bedrock Mortgage Fund (The Bedrock Fund) is a boutique fund that offers short-term high-equity real estate loans. Our clients use the money to buy and rehab houses and then sell them or refinance with long-term rental loans to pay us back. These are high equity loans to experienced investors with spotless track records, usually with a loan to value of 75% or less and quite often below 70%. The Bedrock Fund has $20 million on balance sheet, with 95% deployed for most of the year. We paused during COVID to watch the process and make sure there were no curve balls, and our borrowers never even missed a payment. Currently we have so much demand from our highly experienced and proven customers than we need to raise more capital. The Bedrock Fund pays a fixed rate of return, with payments to our investors beginning the month after an investment is made. Bedrock executives are long-time real estate investors themselves, so they really know their business from the inside out.
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